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Artificial Pet Grass Is Great For Pets & Pet Owners

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If you’re a pet owner and you haven’t yet thought about installing artificial pet grass, there are some pretty compelling reasons for doing so. The improvements in artificial grass are due to higher quality materials being used and improved manufacturing methods which have largely eliminated any shortcomings associated with artificial grass of the past.

The only real question for pet owners is who will love it more, you or your pet?

Artificial grass for pets

Although you might think artificial pet grass is just for dogs, that’s not necessarily the case. It’s great for cats too, and most other kinds of pets as well. How many times have you had a pet come in from the back yard covered in mud, or at least dirty from playing around outside? This will be a thing of the past with artificial pet grass because the yard or the designated pet area will never get muddy again, no matter how much rain falls.

The infill acts to drain away excess water and urine, which means there won’t be dead spots in the lawn, and your pet’s muddy paws won’t be all over your furniture and clothes. Here are some of the additional benefits you can expect from installing ToughLawn artificial pet turf:

  • All artificial grass systems are non-toxic and safe for pets as well as humans

  • Your pet will not be exposed to fertilizers or pesticides

  • There will be no need for watering the lawn or fertilizing it (except when you hose it off occasionally for cleaning)

  • During prolonged droughts or rainfall shortages, an artificial system will not be harmed in any way

  • A good artificial system includes superior drainage so that puddles don’t form, and urine is channeled away from the surface

  • Pets are discouraged from digging and chewing on artificial grass, so you won’t be faced with holes in the yard

  • Durable pet grasses are built to stand up to hard, continuous use by your pets

  • With lawn maintenance virtually eliminated, you can expect to save money for years and years after installation

Questions about pet grass

  • Will my pet like it? Pets in general cannot tell the difference between real and artificial grass. Because it is a much cleaner setup than real grass, both you and your pet can spend more time enjoying the lawn without having the drawbacks of traditional grass.

  • How is artificial pet turf cleaned? General cleaning will be accomplished by rainfall, and if that isn’t sufficient, hosing off the lawn will keep it clean. Solid animal waste can be removed in the traditional way. If pet hair buildup becomes a problem, it too can be removed by saturating the turf, then pushing a soft-bristled broom through it. Any odors can be removed with products designed specifically for that purpose from your turf vendor.

  • How difficult is it to install? For most systems, it is not at all difficult to install artificial pet grass. At ToughLawn we supply buyers with recorded video instructions on how to install a system, as well as a DIY guide that depicts the process in words and pictures. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing the installation yourself or you don’t want to be bothered, all vendors also provide installation services.

  • Where can it be purchased? ToughLawn artificial grass systems, and artificial pet grass and accessory products, are available online . Give us a call today to consult with one of our customer service representatives who can help you determine which pet grass system is best for your circumstances.

Lawn turf now has countless useful applications, including its special application as a pet grass. The stigma that used to be attached to artificial grass many years ago has been completely replaced with respect for its now life-like appearance, durability, long life span, ease of maintenance, and of course having no need for the maintenance efforts that traditional grass requires.

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