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Advantages of Installing Artificial Grass in Your Backyard

Everyone loves a lush green and well-manicured lawn. After all, a lawn is the connective space between homes that bring order, beauty, and serenity to neighborhoods. They’re also a great place to hold summer parties, play croquet or football, sunbathe, relax, and socialize.

However, if you’re like most people, you also know that getting and maintaining a lush green lawn isn’t easy. It requires a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy (to mow, trim, edge, fertilize, and water every week).

If you’re looking for an easier and better solution, below are some of the biggest advantages to installing ToughLawn artificial grass in your yard–especially in your backyard– instead of real grass:

1) Saves you money – When you first install artificial grass, there is a one-time installation fee. But once it’s in, you’ll save money on your monthly water bill, buying gas for a lawn mower, ongoing irrigation system repairs, and on chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, etc. But, over time, artificial grass eventually pays for itself (typically within the first two to three years).

2) Conserves water – In the U.S. alone, landscape irrigation accounts for nearly one third of all residential water use, or nine billion gallons per day. Aside from having to occasionally hose it off to clean it, synthetic grass doesn’t require any watering.

3) Requires minimal maintenance – Once installed, artificial turf requires minimal time and attention to maintain. Plus, with synthetic grass, you won’t have to contend with lawn disease, weeds, or pests.

4) It’s eco-friendly – Artificial turf significantly reduces air and ground pollution, as it doesn’t require any mowing (i.e., smog-forming emissions), or harmful chemicals (e.g., pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, etc.).

5) Your grass is always green – Unlike real grass, which turns brown each winter when it’s cold and gets big yellow spots in the summer when it’s too hot, artificial turf looks great and stays green year round.

6) It’s more durable and long-lasting than real grass – Synthetic grass is stronger and lasts longer than natural grass. In fact, many artificial grasses last up to 25 years. (ToughLawn offers a 15 year product warranty)

7) It drains better – Today, many artificial grasses feature built-in drainage solutions to help efficiently collect and remove water. This not only helps prevent water build-up and flooding, but also means you’ll no longer have to deal with mud and puddles in your lawn.

8) It looks like real grass, but offers a lot more style options – Nowadays, artificial grass has become so realistic looking that it’s often hard for people to tell the difference between synthetic and real grass just by looking at it. It’s also available in a variety of colors, blade lengths, and textures, and blends in well with drought-tolerant landscaping.

9) You’ll no longer have to hire a lawn-sitter whenever you go on vacation – Whenever you go on vacation you can just go–you’ll no longer have to hire someone to mow and water your lawn while you’re away, or deal with all the hassles that come with trying to mow and water it yourself before you leave.

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