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10 Reasons Home Owners Are Going To Synthetic Grass

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The seeds have been planted and the synthetic lawn movement is growing. Homeowners are finding the benefits in a synthetic lawn, and many are making the switch without looking back.

You could say that the movement is a real-life case of the grass being greener on the synthetic side.

For those homeowners who are looking into synthetic turf, or those who wonder why people are making the switch, here are 10 reasons why homeowners are going synthetic.

  • Synthetic lawns save water With much of the western United States in a prolonged and severe drought, the cost and use of water are on the minds of homeowners and politicians alike. In California, the water savings from a synthetic lawn has been enough to drive one legislator to unveil a bill to protect those who want to go synthetic. “There’s nothing fake about the water savings that will result from this bill,” Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez said. “We proved that brown could in fact be beautiful. Still, some homeowners prefer a green, drought resistant artificial lawn. They should be applauded for their conservation actions, not penalized.”

  • Reduced dust and allergens As much as homeowners might love their traditional lawns, there is a common refrain of sneezes and sniffles around the country as dust and pollen make their way through the air and into our collective noses. However, with a synthetic lawn, the lawn dander and dust that get kicked up are gone, replaced by a great opportunity to spend time in the yard without itchy eyes and constant sneezing.

  • Mowing is a thing of the past Unless there is a teenager around the house who is desperate to make some extra money, nobody enjoys mowing. It’s hot, sweaty, and it’s a constant battle to keep the lawn just the right length. The other issue with mowing is cost. From fuel, maintenance to the mower itself, and time lost crossing back and forth around the yard, it’s not very cheap. In fact, when a homeowner considers that a synthetic lawn can recoup its cost in 3 to 5 years, while mowing lasts forever, it’s no wonder homeowners are making the switch.

  • Year-round luscious green As mentioned in point #1 above, much of the country is in drought conditions. Drivers through much of California these days are likely to see block after block of parched, brown lawns. With synthetic lawns, homeowners get a perfect green lawn no matter what.

  • Minimal care and grooming With a synthetic lawn, it’s not just mowing that goes away. Edging, weeding and other time-consuming tasks disappear, replaced by time to admire a gorgeous yard and enjoy fun with family.

  • Stabilizing slopes and space In some cities, synthetic lawns have been allowed by ordinance, with one of the major benefits being the stabilization of slopes. Because most synthetic lawns must be installed over a soil stabilizing fabric layer, and because water won’t make the synthetic lawn slide away, it can have a great stabilizing effect on a slope or hill.

  • Reduced heat and glare One misconception about synthetic lawns is that they are hot. In fact, a properly installed synthetic lawn in a residential setting will give off no more heat than a standard grass landscaping.

  • Reduced need for pesticides In today’s environmental climate, the need for pesticides by homeowners has been diminishing steadily. With a synthetic lawn, the need for costly, destructive pesticides drops to almost nil.

  • Increasing the fun Children love to play outside. In most yards, the ability to play depends on whether the yard is wet or dry, hot or cold, muddy or dusty. With a synthetic lawn in the yard, it’s always time to play outside. Gone are the bumps and holes in most yards, replaced by safe, stable footing for the kids to run around.

  • A quick, easy makeover Installing or replacing a natural grass yard is difficult and risky. The seed might not take. Weather might ruin the whole lawn. The dogs might tear it up. With a synthetic lawn, there is no guesswork. It installs in a jiffy, and the family is enjoying a bright green future.

The decision to move to a synthetic lawn is a difficult one, and homeowners around the country are trying to decide whether to make the switch. If you do make the decision to make the switch to synthetic, there are many advantages that will ensure you’ll be happy with your choice for many years to come.

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